So much to say I really should write a book on this salon! This is a hair
haven!! Not only will you get an awesome cut and style but you will also be
educated on your hair and what you're doing wrong or what you're doing
right. I went about 3 weeks ago and everyone continues to compliment me
on my hair! My gma as soon as she saw me said ``it looks so much more
healthy.`` Robin is such an amazing person, the whole staff is so friendly
and welcoming. You feel right at home. I of course bought the products she
used and on my first time using them at home i failed but if you don't
succeed try again, and I did! And my hair looked just as good as when I
went to the salon. Don't be afraid to book an appointment because you
don't want to loose length or you're just afraid because these ladies will
hook you up for real! They totally live up to the hype. So excited for my next
appointment! -- Asiya Williams
Flew out from LA since I have family in ATL, so I decided to get my hair
done while I'm here. I am beyond impressed with the service here!! So
worth the cost and flight... Everyone is so helpful and you can tell they
really care about us and are passionate about curls. I came back the
following day to get some advice about refreshing since i was struggling,
and everyone there was so caring and took so much time to do a mini
tutorial with me all over again and even reminded me that I'm never a
bother and that they are more than happy to help! Thanks for making me
feel like my curls are the bomb! - Karalynn M
I've worn my hair curly for 17 years and tried every (yes, every) major salon
in Atlanta in search of someone who could cut my curls well. Even after
requesting a stylist who specialized in hair like mine, I was never very
happy with the cut.
Robin, on the other hand, is clearly an expert. My hair looks (and feels!) the
best it ever has. Hers is hands-down the BEST haircut I've ever received.
She listens well and tackled exactly what I wanted her to.
I also loved that she didn't try to tell me to come back in 6 weeks... she's
honest and knows that curls like mine don't need trimming that often. She's
definitely earned a long-term client in me. I won't be going anywhere else. -
Meg King
I recently saw Patience who has been a stylist for years but decided to
pursue her passion for curly hair. WoW! I would love to know what the
hiring process is like at Southern Curl but I can only guess they
specifically look for stylists who are great listeners, want to get to know
your goals and taste, teachable, highly skilled, eager, visionary, repair
artists, sculptors, and I'm pretty sure at some point in the interview the
stylist has to leap to their feet and say ``if I don't get to work with curls
every day I will die inside. `` Of course, I can't be sure, I don't know what
they're hiring process is and I have never been in there interviews but I
can tell you all those things are true about their stylists. Patience was
great. She was thoughtful during the consultation, she asked for
clarification when needed, told me what she was going to do and then
executed with precision. I have complicated, loose curls. I was already
an experienced curly-girl but left with a more complete understanding of
products for my hair. You will love your hair experience. - Mrs J
We have been all over the country. We have tried every stylist who
promised they knew how to do curly hair. We have been told it needs to
be straightened before cut. We have been told about anti-frizz products,
we've even been told that our beautiful curls need to be chemically
straightened. For Years we knew better but couldn't find a stylist who
valued our curls as much as we do. THIS IS THE PLACE! We saw
Robin first when my daughter was a model for her for a hair show in
NH. We were so fortunate to jave her knowledge and skill all over my
daughter's curls. She is EXCELLENT! We had an instant connection
with her so when we moved to Atlanta we immediately tracked her
down. She is worth it! We went back recently and after her cut, my
daughter said ``Every single one of my curls was thought about! Every
one had a purpose and a place!`` We went back with another teen
daughter and saw Janore. She was fantastic as well and my daughter was
completely spoiled! To say ``every single curl was thought about`` is not
even enough, my daughter felt valued and gorgeous! You can be
confident you will leave the salon with a complete understanding of your
curls and a plan to execute YOUR curl goals. The stylists at Southern
Curl are curly hair experts of every texture! Our family of 6 runs the
entire spectrum of curls and texture. You will love your experience there.
- Laurie J
Love my haircut!!! Thank you Patience! I'm so glad I chose Southern Curl
to get my first haircut since my big chop last year. Very professional, warm,
friendly and quality salon. If you want an experienced quality naturally
curly/coily hair specialist this salon is the place for you. My hair is type 4
kinky coily and the products used left my hair hydrated, stretched, and
defined. Patience used Innersense Organic Beauty and Uncle Funky's
Daughter- Curly Magic on my hair. I love how the Uncle Funky's Daughter
Curl Magic elongated my coils. Great experience from start to finish.
- Kim N
Robin is the stylist to go to when you're in metro Atlanta! I have never gotten so many compliments on my hair and it is so easy to deal with now!`` -- Lexnike
Robin is awesome! I went to her after another stylist botched both my cut and color and she made a miracle happen. I can't recommend her highly enough. -- harrisamd
A curly haircut with Robin was very much needed. She listened to what was making me unhappy, and I walked out there so happy! -- Scapell
Robin has been my stylist for five years, and I could never see anyone else. She knows exactly what to do with my hair; and I trust here implicitly with both cut and color. Robin is great at teaching you what products and techniquest to use. Also -- and this is no small matter -- she is very fun to work with. No snobbery or judgement from her -- just a great haircut and great advice. I cannot recommend Robin enough! - Rochelle
Robin Sjoblom is the Best!! I live in Columbus, GA and there are no Deva Inspired Stylists in the area. The closest Deva Inspired salon is in Atlanta and Robin Sjoblom is definitely the one to see. She showed me how to properly apply the products and told me which products would be best for my hair. I have officially found my stylist for all of my curly girl needs. What I love most about my experience is she treated me as if she has known me for a long time. I felt at ease and not worried about how my hair is going to turn out. -- Ryan B.
Beth was amazing! My experience was so in-depth; it wasn't just a trim ... it was learning about me and my style and how Beth could teach me surrounding that. She went into great detail on the procedures, how to use what type of products ... all of the details were so helpful. She was very realistic in explaining so I didn't feel like it was a waste of time or so far fetched I couldn't repeat it. I even got a hand out with directions with what we used and went over. Learning the techniques was very new to me; I have been to see so call ``curl' specialists before but clearly not legitimate ones like Beth! Southern Curl is amazing and I will definitely be back and recommend to others! --JennyPenny1241
Having recently moved from Los Angeles .. I had the daunting task of finding a competent hair stylist ... one who was not only skilled with a Deva cut but was savvy with hair color. After a search I found Southern Curl at the Fuzion Salaon just a few miles from my house. Beth made me feel welcomed and comfortable (check). What I was truly impressed with was her expertise and skill with not only the Deva cut ... but choosing the right color for my hair ... it's always a daunting thing to sit in a salon chair for the 1st time not knowing whether or not you will be a hit or a miss ... the finished result for me and with my experience at Southern Curl is ... hands down one of hte best .. the cut .. perfect ... the color ... awesome ... I will definitely return to Southern Curl to see Beth. -- DeborahHolden
I'm transitioning from Heat/Color damaged hair after going natural 5 years ago. I cam to Robin for my first Deva Curt to shape my hair after my DIY big chop. Robin did a wonderful job and has a very warm spirit. She made me feel comfortable and my curls looked and felt better after! I'm confident my transition and restoration to my hair will be a wonderful experience with her! -- CDaniel1982
Robin gave me my first Curly Girl cut and lesson on how to fix my hair. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It's the first time in my life that I have loved my hair and can actually reproduce what Robin and crew did to my hair at the salon. I love it so much I'm going to send my sister to have her hair done! -- sarah.johnso
Hello ladies! This was my second time going to Robin and I absolutely love her. There was some drama along the way, but Robin delivered as she always does (I made a video on my YouTube channel, TeAmoAaron, for my details). She is the only person I will ever let touch my hair with scissors! She is amazing at what she does and has such a great spirit. -- teamoaaron

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