Tyler Curl Specialist


Curl Specialist

HI! I’m Tyler, a native of Charlotte, NC, living a fabulous life of curls in the ATL. Just like many of you, I started my curl journey off with trial and error. I received my curl care information from tutorials, followed IG curly pages, and tried every curly product that ran down my social media timeline. Nothing I tried worked to my satisfaction. The contradicting information I received from the digital world was overwhelming, perpetually leaving me disappointed with my curls.

I did not get real help until I put my curls in the hands of a professional. A woman that was knowledgeable and specialized in curly hair. My curl specialists’, provided me with a home regimen routine and trim schedule that change my curly hair life! Her knowledge and passion for naturally curly hair influenced my decision to become a curl specialist.

Now, as I navigate my career in this specialty field, I can knock down false information walls and provide my curlfriends with the appropriate information to move seamlessly towards their curl goals.

It is my dream to show every curl girl and guy their true curl potential. You do not need to manipulate your kinks, coils, curls, and waves through twist-outs or braids to make a statement.

The answers you are looking for in your curl journey and the goals you are looking to attain are within your grasp.

Let me show you the way to a true drama-free curly life!

Hablo’ Espanol!

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