Robin Sjoblom-Wysocki


Owner & Curl Specialist

Curly girls in the South have been flocking to Robin Sjoblom and Atlanta’s Southern Curl Salon for more than two decades. With over 20 years of cutting and coloring experience, Robin is considered one of the top curl experts in the country and is one of Atlanta’s original DevaCurl Level 3 Certified Stylists. Robin’s favorite quote is from her friend Lorraine Massey, “Frizz is just a curl waiting to happen!” Accolades include Modern Salon Top 100 Stylist, Curl Artist of the Year, Top 10 Curl Artist in the World & More!

Having curly hair herself, Robin has developed her technique for curly locks, by searching out and testing methods and products over her career. Her experience has provided her with multiple tools and the knowledge of when to use the different techniques and products on different types of hair. Robin claims she can feel the curl and where it needs to be clipped almost more than where she can see it needs it. Robin provides ongoing continuing education for her team to grow and develop their skills… from Devacurl to Rezo, License to Lead, Curly Hair Artistry & More!

At Southern Curl Salon, Robin has created an environment for people of curl to come, feel safe, cared for, and delighted. To further her mission Robin trains those who share her passion, in becoming curl experts, who are able to provide the best care and hairstyles to curly clients near and far.