Introducing Level 2 Curl Specialists

Southern Curl Academy follows a very simple philosophy, empowering men and women with effective tools to rock their blessing. Yes, curly hair is a blessing, and when a curlfriend has the proper knowledge on how to care for their beautiful curls, embracing and loving the gift of curls comes naturally.

At Southern Curl Academy, all Level 2 Curl Specialists are licensed cosmetologists who are honing their skills and taking their craft to the next level. They are all enrolled in or have completed our rigorous academy training program and provide the same exceptional services at a lower price point.

The only pricing difference between Southern Curl Inc & Southern Curl Academy you will see is in the cutting category.

The SCA Level 2 Curl Specialist has a solid understanding and are skill certified on:

– Curl patterns/density/porosity levels

-Proper curl care management & treatments

-Curl-friendly product- ingredient knowledge and styling techniques

-Advanced foundation of our signature Southern Curl cutting methods and techniques.

Prices are based on experience & expertise—call/text in advance since Level 2 appointments are in high demand and it may take a few weeks to schedule your desired appointment time. 404-352-2875

What to expect during your Southern Curl Academy service….

The SCA Level 2 Curl Specialist has a solid understanding and knowledge on curl patterns, proper curl care, and curl-friendly product- ingredient knowledge as well as an advanced foundation of our signature Southern Curl cutting methods and techniques.

The only pricing difference between Southern Curl Inc & Southern Curl Academy you will see is in the cutting category. The reason for this is it takes many many hours to hone in on the use of all the tools and techniques they have been skill certified on for each curl type/pattern.

*Each of our academy stylists are all Level 3 skill certified in Styling & Treatments as part of our Signature Systems and there is no discounted pricing for these services.

* Every curly cut will be checked by one of our Level 3 Curl Experts to ensure a proper visually balanced cut has been achieved.


New Client Curl Specific Cut (All Genders)

$300-$405 (Full in-depth consultation/Custom Dry Curl Cut $150 plus Signature Education Styling Session of $125/$160/$205 depending on length/density)* Must Receive Signature Education Styling Session with this service.

Express Curl Specific Cut & Go (All Genders/No Style) 

$110+ depending on length & density- established client, less than one year since last SC curl cut.

Re-established Client Curl Specific Cut & Go (All Genders/No Style)

$110+ depending on length & density- established client, over a year since last SC curl cut. *Must send new onboarding form/photos.

Service Descriptions

New Curl Specific Cut (All Genders)

The New Client Curl Specific Cut is perfect for curlies who come to Southern Curl for the first time and want to experience our most in-depth appointment, which includes a custom curl cut AND the customized lesson all in one! This is where new clients begin their on-boarding journey with Team Southern Curl.

A custom curl cut experience includes: before/after photos, a full in-depth consultation, a dry curly cut tailored to YOUR waves, curls, or coils and a full wash, educational lesson, style, and finish. (Protective styling is an additional fee)

Along with your Curly Haircut, you will also receive an interactive, hands-on education portion of your appointment where you will be introduced to our culture and the variety of curly techniques and methods customized to your curls, waves or coils. You and your stylist will work together to find a curl routine designed especially for you.

Team SC will also provide you with our signature Curl-Scription booklet that will include all the tips and information we covered during your appointment as well as a treatment plan to help you maintain your beautiful curly style along with how-to videos that will aid you in the techniques we used to style your hair.

Our Southern Curl team is Southern Curl Academy Certified & will decide which “techniques”are best for your curls which may include names like Rezo, Devacut, Shag… our Level 2 curl specialists understand all things curly so please feel free to bring examples of what you are looking for.)

Express Curl Specific Cut & Go/Re-Established Curl Specific Cut & Go

The Express Curly Haircut is only for established clients of SC who return within their stylists recommended time frame and at the discretion of your stylist. It is highly recommended to schedule a curl cut and add on style on a regular basis and not to go to only Express Curl Cuts. (During a Cut & Add-Style appointment, product application is reviewed and a more precise cut is given due to the editing portion given at the end of styling.)

This service includes a dry curly haircut tailored to your pre-styled waves, curls, or coils and DOES NOT include the curly hair wash and style. You must arrive ready for your cut- no buns/clips/pony tails etc. You must come styled like you are going out- we need to see your definition and curls the way you wear them.

PLEASE NOTE – Your curls will be finger combed, disturbed, expanded or frizzy after your Express Curl Cut so please make after appointment plans accordingly. After the Express Cut is complete, you are welcome to use water or products to refresh your curly hair before you leave the salon, or you may choose to wear your hair in a ponytail or a bun.

Get in Touch – We prefer texting as our main source of communication- give it a try! 404-352-2875(CURL). We will get back to you the same business day.

You can also email us at

Curliest Regards-

Robin Sjoblom-Wysocki & the Southern Curl Team

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