What’s Your Curl Story? (Part 1)

Crossing the bridge into curl acceptance has opened the doors for many women and men to #rockyourblessing in style and confidence. These curl friends are happy walking the path of the natural curl journey. However, the journey can be rocky if there is an upset in the #curlstory. What is the curl story? Your curl story is the number of good or bad hair days you have from cleanse to cleanse. It is the balance between sufficient amounts of moisture and adequate hold that maintains curl health, tensile strength, curl bounce, volume, and natural sheen while using clean, pure ingredients that do not contain harsh detergents (sulfates) or silicones.

Every story has its lead characters, but the lead characters do not dictate the flow of the story. It is the narrator that controls the tone of every story. The curl story’s lead character is the cut while color plays the supporting role. However, every curl story’s narrator is the proper hair product for your curl type. Although the cut is the star character and foundation of every naturally curly hairstyle, your curl story would have no fluidity without the proper narrator, aka the proper hair maintenance products. It is simple curl friends, ….. Proper Product Matters!

As a curl girl or guy, you are bombarded with new products on a daily basis. Your friends, coworkers, and social media feeds are constantly pushing a new product in your face. Thus, editing the drama out of your curl story can be overwhelmingly difficult. With all the hair product noise swarming around you, what is a surefire way to pick the proper product for your hair type?

1. Inspiration from curl influencers

a. Take a break from the university of your favorite curl influencer and sit in the chair of a trained master curl specialist. Although they have great curl inspirational ideas and styles, 99.9% of the time you and your favorite curl influencer do not have the same curl type, density, porosity level or texture.

2. Get a proper curl analysis from your curl professional

a. Find out YOUR Curl Type

b. Discover YOUR porosity level

c. Get a true understanding of YOUR Density

d. Get YOUR proper product prescription

3. Discover curl freedom with clean hair products

a. Go Green organic products have a positive effect on curly hair

b. Stay away from harmful ingredients that clog & coat the hair shaft (sulfates, silicones, etc).

c. Educate yourself on hair ingredients that are suitable or unsuitable for YOUR curls daily and long term needs.

4. Product Application and Curl Tools

a. Although tradition dictates that a comb or brush is best for detangling your beautiful curls, the best tool for detangling your waves, kinks, coils, and curls are your hands.

b. Using a raking and smoothing method with your hands, will provide the best end results

c. Clean products are water loving. They are activated and reactivated with H2o. In addition, clean products are water-soluble and do not leave behind suffocating residue that coats and promotes dryness i.e. DRAMA

d. Although we’ve been taught to towel dry hair prior to product application, it is best to use warm water as a catalyst to spread and achieve even distribution.

e. Going green means you save money in the long term! Organic products are highly concentrated and do not require you to use excessive amount to activate your curls. So in the long run, you not only save money, but you block all the possibilities that lead to curl drama!

5. Know Your Product Seasons

a. Moisture and Definition needs change throughout the year. What is positive for your curls during the Summer and Spring may not be as beneficial in the Winter and Fall.

b. Conditioner balance, moisture and protein are essential, but if they are improperly used, you will experience unnecessary drama. Your home maintenance curl-scription is essential.

c. Lastly, Mousse or Gel. Yes the product that maintains your hold and combats frizz has a season as well.

As you can see the curl journey and the #curlstory share a symbiotic relationship. The decision to embrace and #rockyourblessing is the journey, but the twisted winding rocky path towards curl health, illuminating shine, curl bounce, and curl happiness is your #curlstory. So tell us #WhatsYourCurlStory, and we will provide you with the steps to edit the drama out of your #curlstory!

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