Robin Sjoblom


This naturally curly girl has taken the world of curl by storm. With over 20 years of cutting and coloring experience, Robin noticed the lack of attention to curly haircutting and decided to focus her training specifically on curls, curls, curls! After reading The Curly Girl Handbook By author/stylist Lorraine Massey, Robin decided this was the path to follow. In 2009, she traveled to Anderson, SC to attend a dry cutting Curly Hair Lab taught by Lorraine herself! Since then, Robin has trained twice at the prestigious NYC Devachan Salon (owned by Lorraine Massey), earning her the title of Advanced Deva Inspired Stylist x 2~ Robin has been featured on the front page of the Atlanta Journal Lifestyle section and is very well known on You Tube as well as other Social Media. In 2013, she was named a part of Lorraine Massey’s “Summer Dream Team,” a guest speaker on Lorraine’s FB page, Curly Girl, The Handbook.

Robin’s most recent passion is being a Master Educator for Scott Musgrave’s International Curly Hair Artistry team. Scott contacted Robin two years ago and asked her to become a member of this talented handpicked group and she has grown in leaps and bounds. CHA meets twice a year in different cities where curlists come from around the world to share their knowledge and teach one another the latest and most innovative curly hair methods to date. Members are from around the globe, including Australia, Ireland, England, Canada, New York, California, Vermont, & more~

Robin’s goal is to tame frizz, one curl at a time, and to help educate her Curl friends to care for and embrace their curls for life. Her favorite quote is from her friend Lorraine Massey, “Frizz is just a curl waiting to happen!”

Robin subscribes to the Curly Girl philosophy for curly her curly clientele.

Find Robin on You Tube, (Robin Sjoblom Hair for Reviews), (Fuzion Hair Studio for reviews), Robin Sjoblom Curly Hair Specialist on Face Book, & Robin Sjoblom on Instagram. She is always on the M-O-V-E but would love to hear from you.