Curl Journeys…. “Because it’s a journey, not a destination.” vol.1

Bust That Buildup!

Hey curlfriends!

Are your curls letting you down? Do they look dull, limp, and lifeless? Do you only co-wash? Are your tangles driving you insane? If so, it is time to bust that buildup!

What is buildup you ask?

Product buildup is basically a gradual accumulation of products on the hair strands. What happens is that the accumulated product doesn’t allow necessary moisture, oils and other nutrients to penetrate your hair. When you have product buildup on your hair, it will remain dry until you remove the buildup. If you repeatedly have ‘bad’ wash days where your hair doesn’t come out well moisturized even after deep conditioning, your hair might be suffering from product buildup.

Product choice for a curly girl is vital however, even the cleanest products can build-up and weigh down curls over time. The Southern Curl team recommends a sulfate-free cleanser such as Pure Harmony, Color Awakening, or Hydrating Hairbath from Innersense Organic Beauty. Other great choices include Briogeo Charcoal Exfoliating Scalp Revival or Devacurl Buildup Buster. These products contain gentle ingredients such as micellar water, charcoal, and other essential oils to help remove sebum from the scalp and buildup from the ends. For tough buildup, we recommend the Innersense Hair Ceremony Essential Oil Detox or Bounce Back Treatment from Devacurl.

Once buildup is removed, it is imperative to follow up with a moisturizing conditioner such as Innersense Color Radiance or Hydrating Cream- these products are packed with Avocado Oil, Quinoa, Shea butter, Aloe Vera, Tamanu Oil, and more!

If you would like to schedule an appointment to bring your curls back to life, give Atlanta’s curl specialists a call today~ #RockYourBlessing