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On the Press “Curls Are a Blessing”

Read more about Robin’s journey from stylist to one of the leading curly hair experts and teachers in the country.  #rockyourblessing is Robin’s attitude towards curly hair.  Read the full article This Top Curly Hair Artist Calls Curls A ‘God-Given Blessing’



I feel so blessed to walk into the salon every morning and know I have a team of wonderful women who are on the same bus I’m on. Blessed is turning the me into we and to have a salon team focused solely on all curl textures. Southern Curl is a space where women and men of curl can come and feel comfortable and leave confident in who they are. We tell each guest to rock their blessing. This simply means to rock your God-given curls and be proud of them!

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Interview with NaturallyCurly

We are so honored to see Robin featured on  She shares her self care practices that help her give her guests the best uplifting experiences when they come into the Salon. Check out the full article here or see the excerpt below.

robin naturally curly

What they said:

Robin Sjoblom has been named one of the Top Curly Stylists by Refinery29, as well as the Curly Artist of the Year by Curly Hair Artistry (CHA). As a teacher in the education of natural hair across the U.S., salon owner, and active participant in local charities, Robin gives so much of herself every single day to clientele and the community alike. Here, the master curly hair artist shares with us her insider tips for practicing essential self-care while encouraging everyone she comes into contact with.

What We Said:

Listening to each guest and really hearing them helps them feel loved and heard. Spending time–not immediately rushing into the cut–releases anxiety for the guest, helps anxiety and fear fall away. At the same time, these things create excitement, trust, and happiness.

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Robin Named for One of 18 Best Haircuts for Curly Hair

We were recognized in the blog Naturally  in an article 18 Best Haircuts for Curly Hair, for our Foundation Cut. Check out all of their curly hair cuts.



Most of us grew up traumatized by bad salon experiences and stylists who made us feel like our natural texture was inherently wrong. And we know just how challenging it can be to find haircut inspiration that features real, natural curls. Luckily, there is a growing number of curly hair specialists today who have fully embraced the beauty and versatility of curls – and are teaching others how to do the same. Here are 18 haircuts by top stylists in the industry, featuring real curls of varying lengths, shapes, sizes and styles.


Stylist: Robin Sjobolm, owner of Southern Curl salon, Curly Hair Artistry’s Curly Artist of 2015 and one of the Refinery29’s top 15 curly hair artists

Robin: This is Candace, a client of mine. I call this cut a “Foundation Cut” which is a curl by curl cutting method I developed based on DevaCurl dry cutting training principals. I call it a foundation cut because the cut is built from the foundation up. Each curl is trimmed and shaped so that it does not sit on the section below it, which gives the cut a beautiful silhouette.

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Rock Your Blessings Fundraiser

Rock your blessings fundraiser event


To make your appointment and purchase your event ticket, please call Southern Curl at 770-490-6485 or email the team at  We will accept your credit card donation when you book, which will go directly to Devri’s Go Fund Me account. You will receive a receipt via email for your donation via email, which you will bring the day of the event as your ticket.


Fundraiser benefiting Devri Velazquez and Takayasu Vasculitis research

This event offers a unique opportunity to be cut and styled by the top curl-hair artists on the continent on OCTOBER 23 appointments available: 10am to 5pm 

Women of curls are encouraged to sign up now for a full-service blessing cut with one of the 10 artists on board. The one and a half to two hours service includes a consult, precise “curl by curl” cut, full dry and style and take home “curlscription” for a minimum donation of $150, A swag bag and take home gift included.Southern Curl Inc., a premier, all-curly salon in west midtown Atlanta, will also donate 10 percent of the event’s retail sales to Devri’s fundraising initiative.

Co-hosting the event is Innersense Organic Beauty, a pure, organic and toxin-free hair care line beloved in the curly girl world and, one of the leading websites supporting the textured community. Innersense founders Greg and Joanne Starkman and reps will be on hand for Q and A and education.

For more information on Devri and her challenges, please visit her blog at and her Go Fund Me page at  For more information on the event call Southern Curl Inc.: 770-490-6485 Salon located at MWest 1339 Marietta Blvd NW, Suite A

Download the event flyer here.


rock your blessings fundraiser

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Congratulations Southern Curl

We are thrilled to be featured by Texture Magazine for doing the work we love!

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 1.42.58 PM

View Texture Magazine

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Its the Secret to Perfect Curls for Natural Hair: The Southern Curl Trifecta

Devri 11122015Special Guest Blog Post by Robin Sjoblom of in Smyrna, Georgia shares her curl expertise!

If you have curly hair, you may be searching for the right products, combination of products or the just the right amount of products to create curls you love.

In our salon, we refer to the discovery of Innersense Organic Beauty inner-mixtures as our very own Southern Curl Trifecta.  Although we use more than three Innersense Organic Beauty products in this protocol, it’s really three key products we call the Southern Curl Trifecta to achieve frizz free and defined curls:

1.  Start with  as a co-wash (conditioner wash). Use about a quarter-to-half dollar in sections at scalp. Add warm water to help emulsify the conditioner so it moves around scalp. Rinse thoroughly. In our salon, we recommend this process one or two times a month.

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7 Things You Never Knew About Curly Hair

FullSizeRender-5As the curly hair movement becomes part of popular culture, we only thought it fitting to ask one of our Curl Specialists for curly hair insight!  Learn seven new curly hair facts that you didn’t know before from .

1. Curly Hair Averages:  The average head of hair has 120,000 hairs while a curly head only has 100,000.

2. Shampoo Less: Curlies don’t need to “shampoo” as often because there aren’t as many hair follicles on those heads/ less sebaceous glands so their scalps aren’t as oily as a straight hair person.

Read the full article at


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Men With Curly Hair: How to Help Him Succeed in His Curly Hair Journey

Man with Curly HairMen With Curly Hair

Men with curly hair have been pretty much left behind. When it comes to helpful advice for men with curly hair, there isn’t a lot of useful or up to date information out there. But that’s changing, just ask Robin Sjoblom, top U.S. curly hair stylist, and owner of Southern Curl in the Atlanta, GA area.

“So many of my curly women have curly hair boyfriends or curly hair husbands,” Sjoblom says of the recent boom in men growing to embrace their texture. “It is so great to see men trying out women’s curly products in the shower, only to discover how much better their curls look. Men like what their women are using.

For a lot of guys, simple is the way to go.” Here are here simple rules of thumb to get the curly male in your life to love his god-given curls.

Tips For Men With Curly Hair

  • Cleanse your scalp only once per week to prevent dryness.
  • Do not comb or brush your curls – ever!


Read the full article at



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The First Thing You Should Do for your Curly Clients!

olaplex articleHi everyone! This pre-qualifying service ensures that your appointment is customized for what your Curls need and a great partner to this is to pretreat the hair with Olaplex before anything else. This way, the curls can begin their journey to health and healing before coming in to see the stylist– which will allow the stylist to see the curls in their healthiest state. For some transitioning Natural clients, they may be able to save a lot more length because the damaged bonds will have been restored… which means avoiding the dreaded “BIG CHOP” in many cases.

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Best of Curly Hair Artistry – 2015

Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) is a non brand based group of curly hair specialists from all over the globe. We meet daily in a private Facebook page dedicated to expanding the craft and artistry of helping our clients to embrace their naturally curly hair.

We focus on Art, Methods & Techniques and the Business of working with all forms of waves, coils and curly hair (of which we will simply call ‘curly hair’) and many consider us the industry leaders of advanced education with a focus exclusively on curly hair.

Each year members of Curly Hair Artistry are asked to share their favorite and best selling products into a collective pool that is tallied up for an overall “Best of CHA 2015”.

Curly Hair Artist of the Year 2015:

The Curly Hair Artistry Artist of The Year is someone who has contributed to CHA with their passion, energy and sharing on our private Facebook Page, as well as, private messages, phone calls, teaching sessions at Symposiums, contributing to blogs, helping manufactures to create unique ways of using their products and mentoring new generations of stylists in her salon leaving a trail of excellence where ever she goes.

Working with all curl types from wavy to coils – men, women & children and all cultural backgrounds who has shown a level of professionalism that has gained her the world wide recognition of being one of 15 of the Worlds Best Curly Hair Stylists as well as this years honor of being CHA Artist of the year – so it is with great pleasure and respect that we say thank you and congratulations to Robin Sjoblom of Southern-Curl in Atlanta.

I have personally gained so much knowledge from Robin. Her level of passion and care for her friends, family and clients is infectious and we appreciate all you have dome from helping out with the very first Curly Hair Artistry Symposium in Atlanta (2013) to sharing CHA with the world in your blog, articles that you have contributed to and your clients.


Scott Musgrave – Curly Hair Artistry

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