Its the Secret to Perfect Curls for Natural Hair: The Southern Curl Trifecta

Devri 11122015Special Guest Blog Post by Robin Sjoblom of in Smyrna, Georgia shares her curl expertise!

If you have curly hair, you may be searching for the right products, combination of products or the just the right amount of products to create curls you love.

In our salon, we refer to the discovery of Innersense Organic Beauty inner-mixtures as our very own Southern Curl Trifecta.  Although we use more than three Innersense Organic Beauty products in this protocol, it’s really three key products we call the Southern Curl Trifecta to achieve frizz free and defined curls:

1.  Start with  as a co-wash (conditioner wash). Use about a quarter-to-half dollar in sections at scalp. Add warm water to help emulsify the conditioner so it moves around scalp. Rinse thoroughly. In our salon, we recommend this process one or two times a month.

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