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Southern Curl Interview with Innersense

Southern Curl owner Robin Sjoblom was recently interviewed by Innersense about her tips for curly hair, how to run a successful salon, and the importance of choosing the right products.  Read the full article here.


Curly Hair

What Robin said:

We all have a different style or approach to how we slay curls but the common thread between us is PASSION. Proper curl by curl cutting techniques are not taught in school or in the mainstream cutting world.

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On the Press “Curls Are a Blessing”

Read more about Robin’s journey from stylist to one of the leading curly hair experts and teachers in the country.  #rockyourblessing is Robin’s attitude towards curly hair.  Read the full article This Top Curly Hair Artist Calls Curls A ‘God-Given Blessing’



I feel so blessed to walk into the salon every morning and know I have a team of wonderful women who are on the same bus I’m on. Blessed is turning the me into we and to have a salon team focused solely on all curl textures. Southern Curl is a space where women and men of curl can come and feel comfortable and leave confident in who they are. We tell each guest to rock their blessing. This simply means to rock your God-given curls and be proud of them!

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Interview with NaturallyCurly

We are so honored to see Robin featured on  She shares her self care practices that help her give her guests the best uplifting experiences when they come into the Salon. Check out the full article here or see the excerpt below.

robin naturally curly

What they said:

Robin Sjoblom has been named one of the Top Curly Stylists by Refinery29, as well as the Curly Artist of the Year by Curly Hair Artistry (CHA). As a teacher in the education of natural hair across the U.S., salon owner, and active participant in local charities, Robin gives so much of herself every single day to clientele and the community alike. Here, the master curly hair artist shares with us her insider tips for practicing essential self-care while encouraging everyone she comes into contact with.

What We Said:

Listening to each guest and really hearing them helps them feel loved and heard. Spending time–not immediately rushing into the cut–releases anxiety for the guest, helps anxiety and fear fall away. At the same time, these things create excitement, trust, and happiness.

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Congratulations Southern Curl

We are thrilled to be featured by Texture Magazine for doing the work we love!

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 1.42.58 PM

View Texture Magazine

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